We’re interested in the stories and ideas that truly speak to us, those of substance, meaning, and creativity. Too often these stories fall through gaps in the web of media out there, but the reason we take on outdoor pursuits is to connect, feel, and explore. We know quite well how pursuits like cycling can reveal a full spectrum of emotions, and we know there’s a whole lot of worthwhile expression in this space. 

If you’re like us and find yourself drawn towards these stories, we’re willing to bet you have some ideas and stories of your own. We hope Stilspoke can inspire you to create and connect more, and we look forward to sharing this together. See you at the still point.

Work with Us


If Stilspoke can be one thing only, we hope it’s an open invitation for you to share your creative ideas, stories, and reflections about the human side of cycling and outdoor sports in general. Contribute to our community page, and don’t hesitate to reach out with a project idea of your own.